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Creative Director     

Joeri Rouffa

Joeri Rouffa is a renowned hairstylist and co-owner of Androgyn since 2016, hailing from Antwerp, Belgium, and making his mark in Los Angeles and New York. With a strong background in fashion, he boasts impressive credentials, having worked with top international magazines like Vogue, Rolling Stone, V Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, L'Officiel, and Elle. Known for his specialization in wigs and a keen eye for detail,


Joeri's work stands out for its technical precision and flawless finishes. His talent has earned him the title of best colorist and top placements at the prestigious Coiffure awards and Hairdresser of the Year 2022. Collaborating with famous photographers, Joeri’s passion for refinement drives his continuous success and innovation in hairstyling.

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Joffrey Conings

     Managing Director

Joffrey Conigns, co-owner and founder of Androgyn, has been a pivotal figure in the fashion industry from the very beginning. From a young age, he distinguished himself in Belgium as the best emerging talent, earning numerous accolades. His career took a significant leap forward after assisting at Paris Fashion Week, leading to opportunities with major trade journals, including Vogue.


Joffrey's innovative approach to hairstyling has earned him the title of best avant-garde hairstylist and ladies' hairdresser not once, but twice, at the prestigious coiffure awards. Beyond his technical skills, Joffrey's social characteristics have made him a beloved and highly sought-after hairdresser, known for his ability to connect with and understand the needs of his clients.

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Onno Rombeau


Onno stands out as a young, ambitious hairdresser with an impeccable sense of fashion. Known for his ability to make clients feel at ease the moment they sit in his chair, Onno pairs his hairstyling expertise with engaging conversation, ensuring a pleasant salon experience. Specializing in haircuts, he is committed to perfection, going above and beyond to fulfill his clients' desires.


Onno's dedication to his craft and his clients' happiness highlights his unique approach to hairdressing, making him a sought-after stylist for those seeking both quality cuts and a welcoming atmosphere.

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Kevin Vergote

Color Technician     

Kevin Vergote, a true color creative and fashion enthusiast, is known for his unwavering dedication to perfection in the realm of hair coloring. His work, characterized by its remarkable quality and innovative approach, has made him a standout figure in the fashion industry. Kevin's professionalism and easygoing nature ensure a comfortable and reassuring experience for anyone in his char, making him a favorite across Europe.

With a client list that includes models, actresses, and celebrities, Kevin's reputation precedes him. His journey through prestigious salons has culminated in his current position at Androgyn, where he continuous to pursue his passion for color and fashion.

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