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                    / MANAGING                             DIRECTOR


         / COLORIST


Who We Are

Androgyn was founded by Giel Domen and Kenneth Van de Velde who have a lot of experience in the world of hair. They won a lot of awards with their photography in the hair industry. 

Being passionate about hair, Giel started to think about a new concept, a new platform for creative people in the hairindustry. In this story he met Joffrey Conings our Managing Director, who is a passionate hairdresser with lots of ambition and knowhow about treating hair. With the strong hands and artistic vision of Joeri Rouffa, Androgyn was born. And as of 2021 we are joined by Kevin Vergote our topcolorist. And of 2022 our team grew with one new member Kyrah Bulckens, a young and talented hairdresser! Go check their personal biography by clicking on their page. As a close team we go for the other dimension.  We are at your service !

What We Do


Androgyn is a story about hair. The health, the look and the creative part of it.  In a comfortable, restful space, we take care of your hair and comfort. Our salon is all about quality and relaxation. We create your moment. Healthy hair is all about the right knowledge and treatments. We see "you" and we create the look that matches best your personality. Beautiful colors, fitting haircuts and healthy treatments for your hair. We also believe in a vision. In our academy we translate our creativity for everybody who wants to see hair in a different way. We want you to see what we feel.

How We Work

Appointments allow us to give you all the time you need and deserve.

We take our time to give your hair the right treatment and care. We treat every person as an individual

As we choose for a cosy and warm interior, we are different from  any other typical hairsalons. Purity, personal, relaxing and quality are the keywords of our concept, Androgyn.

We do not only care about your hair. 

We only work on appointement to give every person his or her time.

By giving us your trust, we give you an experience of a lifetime.

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