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The classic chamomile taste given an extra refreshing lift with added organic lemon verbena & lemon balm herbs.Chamomile is known for its calming effect & can help towards a better nights sleep. The lemon verbena lifts the chamomile taste & makes it more refreshing so we like this tea in the afternoons. It hydrates which gives energy and helps relieve stress on busy days.


Tea by numbers /Chamomile & Lemony Herbs

  • 1 package : 100gr

      €0,07 cents per cup. Re-infuse tea leaves up to 2 times


    Chamomile flower buds, organic lemon verbena & organic lemon balm. 

    Caffeine free
    Tannins : None

    Take a well-heaped teascoop & brew in boiled water for 5+ minutes. 


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