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This is our own Scent Shooter available in 2 scents: Woodflower and Dreamcatcher. The Scent Shooter is a long lasting house parfum that fills your room with a delicious and rich scent.


Our parfum is available in 2 scents: Wood flower and Dreamcatcher.

The wood flower is based on amber, amber is fossilized tree resin. It has been admired for its color and natural beauty since the early Stone Age. Applied in perfume, amber is sweet, delicate and sensual, with powdery and oriental vanilla notes.

The Dreamcatcher is based on ripe summer figs, it is a seductive combination of juicy, ripe Italian fig.


Androgyn Scent Shooter

SKU: 364115376135191
  • ANDROGYN Scent Shooter available in 2 scents.

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