My color tip during this lockdown is mainly: “don't start!”. Apart from the fact that the end result often doesn't even come close to what was intended, restoring failed DIY colorings takes a lot more time than you think. Instead, now is the perfect time to take better care of your hair. How? Wash it a little less often but just use a mask instead. Sebastian's is fantastic! And leave the curling iron or straightener and wear your long hair in a braid. You will be amazed at what that does to the quality of your hair.

For anyone with chemically damaged hair (think of bleached hair), the OLAPLEX products are a must. The OLAPLEX products contain everything you need to give your hair a big boost and believe me, your hair will thank you.

If you really can't wait any longer, there is always a safe option. The “insta-recharge” from Wella. This is powder with which you can easily hide a gray outgrowth. Not the same as a coloring because you can just wash it out but a good temporary solution.

If this is also not the ideal solution for you, then it is always possible to do your roots yourself, we will prepare your color for you and we will deliver it at your home.

For blonds this is sadly not possible because they have highlights, what we then offer is a toner. A toner is a semipermanent color that eliminates the yellow in the hair.

All products are available in our webshop.

Let's hope that we can open again soon and provide everyone with a nice fresh color for Christmas. Stay safe!