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An age-old product with a clear function: to wash away dirt and bacteria, to nourish, care for and protect the skin. Simply genius in its simplicity!

ZOPPA soap is based on this authenticity. A composition of honest ingredients that nature offers us. Pure products, each with their own specific healing properties for the skin. ZOPPA soap is produced with carefully selected sustainable vegetable oils. It contains glycerin, a natural moisturizing, caring ingredient that is no longer always present in today's industrial soaps. Plastic, palm & cruelty free. All batches are made in small quantities and by hand.

BONNIE & CLAY has been specially developed for skin that tends to retain impurities. The green French clay and the activated carbon (charcoal) not only provide the soap with a beautiful look, but above all have a purifying deep-cleansing effect on the pores. The composition of organic shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil and cocoa butter result in a foaming soap that moisturizes and nourishes. After use, the skin feels smoother, softer and less greasy. The soap has a beautiful, whimsical, green/black pattern that is different every time. This makes each piece of handmade BONNIE & CLAY soap unique. The light touch of sage and rosemary immediately makes you long for a long, pleasant walk in the woods. The soap gives a relaxed, invigorating purifying feeling.

The caring and soothing properties of shea butter come into its own in the VELVET TIGER. The name says it all, velvet. The skin feels soft after using this delicious creamy soap. The high percentage of shea butter provides a soap full of vitamins and minerals. VELVET TIGER is intended for the hands and the body. It is suitable for all skin types, especially for drier to irritated skin. The woody and spicy scent of cedar and lavender provides a sultry sensation. Throughout the year. She brings nature inside during the autumn and winter months.

FLOWERPOWER is made on the basis of apricot kernel oil, this oil has an extra softening and moisturizing effect on the skin. Velvety honey and Calendula flowers provide a healing antibacterial effect. This golden yellow soap is intended for hands and body, and it is suitable for all skin types. FLOWERPOWER has the subtle scent of summer wildflowers & herbs with a hint of citrus.

Lavender soap is a must in any soap collection. When using this soap you imagine yourself on a warm summer evening in the French lavender fields. The organically grown almond oil gives that wonderful luxurious nurturing feeling. The Brazilian clay provides the beautiful deep natural purple color.

Protected soap with pure olive oil. Olive oil has been the basis of a good moisturizing soap for centuries. APPLE & EVE contains a high percentage of this oil. The healing components of this pure organic oils provide fantastic hydration. Because olive oil is so nutritious, it gives a smoother complexion and a healthy young appearance. The fresh mix of sweet apple and spicy sage smells delicious and gives you a positive boost to start the day.

Put your soap bar in this natural bag, and you can enjoy a wonderful scrub sensation. Ideal for use in the shower. Do you have any soap bars left? Don't throw them away. Just put them in the soap bag and use them all up. Zero Waste!

Luxurious soap with Himalayan salt, frankincense, ginger & cinnamon. This great soap bar doesn't just look exuberant, it is. Pink Himalayan salt contains good minerals that improve and repair the skin cells in a natural way. It provides vitalization of body & mind. During the cold winter months, the salt stimulates the blood circulation. The scent of incense, ginger & cinnamon provide a warm boost. This soap has been specially created for the holidays. Experience this creamy foaming sensation, and enjoy. Your skin will feel smooth and soft after using this festive SUPERSTAR.

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The Salon will be closed on the following days due to holiday. 4,5,6,7,11,12,18 of january. The phone will not be answered those days. If you want to book on appointment please book online on our webs


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