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Androgyn Home Parfum is a unique fragrance experience at home with this wonderful perfume spray. This spray gives a clear and warm and contains a wonderful and fragrant fragrance experience. Personalize a room with a single beam to always create an invigorating atmosphere. Unscrew the caps of the beautiful bottles on SPRAY and spray this wonderful perfume in your home! Later back to the button to close.

Our perfume is available in 2 scents: Woodflower and Dreamcatcher. The Woodflower is based on amber, amber is fossilized tree resin. It has been admired since the early Stone Age for its color and natural beauty. Applied in perfume, amber is sweet, delicate and sensual, with powdery and oriental vanilla notes. The Dreamcatcher is based on ripe summer figs, it is a seductive combination of juicy, ripe Italian figs.

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Closing days January

The Salon will be closed on the following days due to holiday. 4,5,6,7,11,12,18 of january. The phone will not be answered those days. If you want to book on appointment please book online on our webs


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