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The Salon

Androgyn is a unique salon experience founded on the deep passion and innovative vision of Giel Domen and Kenneth Van de Velde, known for their award-winning contributions to hair photography. With the ambition to create a nurturing space for hair creativity, they teamed up with Joffrey Conings, a dedicated Managing Director with a wealth of knowledge in hair care, and Joeri Rouffa, an artist at heart, to establish Androgyn. Kevin Vergote, our top colorist, and the latest addition, Onno Rombeau, a vibrant and talented hairdresser, complete our skilled team.

At Androgyn, we're about more than just haircuts and color. We're about creating a moment that's all yours, in a space where relaxation meets quality. Every appointment is a chance for us to focus solely on you, ensuring your hair not only looks great but feels healthy. Our salon's warm and cozy atmosphere is designed to make you feel at home, emphasizing personal attention and the unique beauty of each client.

Choosing Androgyn means trusting us to take you on a memorable journey into the world of hairdressing, where every visit is tailored to reflect your personal style and character. Here, we don't just care for your hair; we celebrate it.

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